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  • Hey man, just bought a hummingbird helix 5 si gps. Want the transducer on the trolling motor. Have the adapter kit. How many have you installed like that?
    Give me a call ? not sure if your number is chaged or not can't get through . I want to send you a logo file .
    Hi fish master, just wanted you to know I finished the LEDs on the hobie but I don't know how to post pics. Thanks for the help.
    passed by you today on the road, around the 281 and 1604 area. saw your truck with your stickers on the windshield for "anytime outdoors"
    Whats going on Fishmaster...just wanted to see if u can give me acouple places to bank fish on calaveras lake besides spider island...thanks
    When are you planning to get that bigger boat fixed . With some advertisement i am hoping to put you on some clients through this site for crappie /whites this year. You better learn some catfishing too bud it would be great addition . Another guide from canyon lake recently signed up in this site.
    There is another thread in freshwater Fly fishing section (tff) look up guad river trout fishing few threads down . Some idiot cropped your pics and posted his ad.
    Hi There, I saw your post about hunting in the hill country, and I am interested in hunting a doe, varmints or pigs if in area. Do you have any availability or are you still allowing for pay for hunts? I'm here in San Antonio, so depending on where land is, I don't think I'll need overnight, please advise. Thanks Amigo! Mike
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