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  • Well almost a year since we started San Antonio Fishing Forum . Good to see we are increasing everyday.
    Thanks for the welcome bro. I'm a real newbie to fishing altogether but I really want to get into it more. I love being outside and I look forward to the challenge of it.recently been to blanco and live oak for trout.no dice but it's called fishing right?
    Im fixing to be home the first week of January weather permiting. Ill be home for two weeks. Try and leave some trout in the river for me to catch, been seein all them that you been catchin the last couple days lol
    hey bro, I've been looking for some fun spots to fish in the SA area (i mainly fish on the coast but with winter coming around and work times are few and far between). I saw that post about Canyon Trailrace. I was wondering if you could give me an idea on where it is. Not your exact spot, but where i can get access to the water. I would like to hook up with some of those trout.

    thanks in advance
    If you believe in yourself there's nothing like secret it's just another misunderstanding :)
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