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  1. MJ21

    Anyone know any good spots for bank fishing in north east SA

    I reported also some time back
  2. MJ21

    Anyone know any good spots for bank fishing in north east SA

    I think that lake is a little too far out of our driving range. Is there any way to ban this person from posting?
  3. MJ21

    Whites on Guadalupe

    Wish I could tell ya, but I've been in Wyoming for the past 2 years. If I had to guess, and just a wild guess, that run has been in effect for a little bit, maybe until mid-late Apr. Again, just my guess.
  4. MJ21

    Where is everybody?

    I'm here, always lurking to see what everyone is posting
  5. MJ21

    Big Tawakoni Blue!

    I'm gonna say 47.3 lbs. Plus or minus, that's a nice looking fish. Damn, I need to get out on the water.
  6. MJ21

    Where is the best spot to catch bass?

    Welcome panfisher. I too just arrived back to San Antonio after a 1.5 year assignment to Wyoming. I was never a big bass fisherman, mostly went after the reds in Calaveras and down at the island. I had an opportunity while I was stationed in Wyoming to get on some bass, so I too am looking for...
  7. MJ21

    Welcome to San Antonio Fishing Forums Everyone.

    I have to agree with WD40, there are lots of information in the archives that you can scroll thru to help you, and as everyone returns to posting, you will get real-time updates on the fishing areas.
  8. MJ21

    Canyon lake fly fishing.

    Kind of hard to go to those rivers considering they are in New Zealand and we are in Texas.
  9. MJ21

    Max file size for photos?

    That’s a good question. I tried to add some but you really have to be creative to post them. I switched to a MacBook from Windows, so still learning new thing all the time. Once I find out how to minimize and find out what size limit is authorized for this site, I shouldn’t have a problem.
  10. MJ21

    Canyon whites and striper

    @Sgo1986, how’s the bite there at Canyon lately? I will be back in town next weekend, but won’t be able to fish until I get the boat ready. Just curious what the fishing report is.
  11. MJ21

    2018 White Bass run

    So when you say 2 months, you roughly mean until end of March, give or take a couple of weeks? I should be back in San Antonio for good when I retire mid-March.
  12. MJ21

    Boat Slip

    Pictures of the trailer I'm trying to work on after I remove the boat from it.
  13. MJ21

    Boat Slip

    So I need to do some work on my boat trailer and wondering if anyone knows of a place to keep the boat for a couple of days to make this happen. I know it will take me a little time to work on the trailer, so don't want to drop it off in the lake while I'm in the parking lot doing what I need...
  14. MJ21

    Canyon has been crazy good

    I've fished Canyon only once a couple of years ago. Looks like when I get back in town, I'm gonna have to take the boat out for a spin once I get it up and running
  15. MJ21


    As of now, looks like its back to SA...but that could change here in the next month or two and head to Florida. Going to where the job/money is!
  16. MJ21


    My lottery already hit, got approved for my military retirement! Be back home in a couple of months.
  17. MJ21

    PINS Report

    It’s actually a good thing that he was doing a check. Nowadays, people will keep anything they can, not worrying about the consequences. I don’t take chances, gonna be a law abiding citizen (when it comes to fishing and hunting) all my life!
  18. MJ21

    Winter Bass Fishing 12/16/2017

    I haven't been bass fishing since September. Have a place here in Wyoming that is on state land, but no one knows about it because only a few of us go there and fish. Well kept secret. No BS, every time I throw a topwater lure, I snag a decent size bass. It really gets tiring to tell you the...
  19. MJ21

    We Are Back Online !!

    Is there any way to send an email to all of registered users to let them know that we are back up online? I would have never been aware of the site up and running if I didn't click on the link.
  20. MJ21

    We Are Back Online !!

    Been doing good, just waiting for this retirement date to get approved. I was down there on 17 Nov for my daughters foot surgery. My wife and son can help her, but she needs her Dad to carry her everywhere...spoiled brat! As of now, I’m trying to go back for Christmas, but that’s still up in the...