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  1. KMHendu

    White bass on the Nueces River

    It’s not letting me post the pics. I will try to shrink them some and see if that works
  2. KMHendu

    White bass on the Nueces River

    On Friday I got to go go fishing with my good friend Fishmaster150 and his daughter Destiny to the Nueces River. It was one heck of a trip with over 100 fish caught. We caught the fish by trolling small crankbaits with red craw surprisingly being the best color for both numbers and quality. Many...
  3. KMHendu

    Winter Bass Fishing 12/16/2017

    Yes, well Guadalupe River above Canyon Lake. There’s some shore access there too.
  4. KMHendu


    I’ve been wondering where everyone is too.
  5. KMHendu

    Low pressure ponds

    Just go ask the owner if you can fish their pond. You’d be surprised how often they don’t mind. They’ll be glad you had the good sense to ask their permission.
  6. KMHendu

    2018 White Bass run

    Anyone on here already fishing the run? I’m going to fish the Canyon Lake/Guad run but would also like to hit 99 bridge. I know the water is pretty low down there but I’ve seen pics of people catching em there already. I’m not dragging the boat down there, would shore and wade fish. Was thinking...
  7. KMHendu

    Winter Bass Fishing 12/16/2017

    I was up in Rebecca creek this weekend and fishing was slow. 2 dink bass in about 4 1/2 hrs. The low water is hurting the bite up in the creek. I crappie fish in there as well and it has been slow for them as well for me. 2017 was not good as good of a year for fishing for me as was 2016.
  8. KMHendu


    I've heard Lake Dunlap has some big ones in it.
  9. KMHendu

    Fish pics

    Not sure how i double posted that pic. Anyways, lets see some pics.
  10. KMHendu

    Fish pics

    Just wanted to see some pics of big fish and post some pics of good fish that were caught during the time my favorite website (this one) went down and the time it came back up. I missed it so much. Anyways gonna try to post some pics. Some of these i might have posted before.
  11. KMHendu

    Winter Bass Fishing 12/16/2017

    Hey Tuner are you back in San Antonio?
  12. KMHendu

    Back Up??

    Me too I’ve missed it.