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  1. MJ21

    PINS Report

    It’s actually a good thing that he was doing a check. Nowadays, people will keep anything they can, not worrying about the consequences. I don’t take chances, gonna be a law abiding citizen (when it comes to fishing and hunting) all my life!
  2. MJ21

    Winter Bass Fishing 12/16/2017

    I haven't been bass fishing since September. Have a place here in Wyoming that is on state land, but no one knows about it because only a few of us go there and fish. Well kept secret. No BS, every time I throw a topwater lure, I snag a decent size bass. It really gets tiring to tell you the...
  3. MJ21

    We Are Back Online !!

    Is there any way to send an email to all of registered users to let them know that we are back up online? I would have never been aware of the site up and running if I didn't click on the link.
  4. MJ21

    We Are Back Online !!

    Been doing good, just waiting for this retirement date to get approved. I was down there on 17 Nov for my daughters foot surgery. My wife and son can help her, but she needs her Dad to carry her everywhere...spoiled brat! As of now, I’m trying to go back for Christmas, but that’s still up in the...
  5. MJ21

    We Are Back Online !!

    Great to be back up. I checked the site when I took leave back to SA before, but still down. Glad it’s up