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  1. sa1126

    Good morning at Brackenridge

    Nice catch. What is teh less busy part? Is that near the mini train track bridge over the river?
  2. sa1126

    Where is everybody?

    Still around. Spend more time watching fishing videos than actually fishing. The fishing has been heating up so I should probably go back and try again.
  3. sa1126

    San Antonio Area Bass Fishing

    Cool video. I've gotten skunked at a few of those spots ;)
  4. sa1126

    Where is the best spot to catch bass?

    If it is on a green belt or trail you can just assume it will be high pressure and tough to fish. I haven't really found any honey holes, and quite frankly I have been skunked the last 5 or so times I have fished.
  5. sa1126

    Earl scott pond updates

    I haven't been there in ages. I always get skunked on soft plastics. You'll have best luck on live night crawlers.
  6. sa1126

    Winter Bass Fishing 12/16/2017

    Fished various parts of brack and Woodlawn and was completely skunked. Might give it a rest for a bit.
  7. sa1126

    SAFF Shirts & Decals !! Taking orders

    Got any large shirts left?
  8. sa1126

    Winter Bass Fishing 12/16/2017

    I fished the river and saw some MASSIVE carp and bass but nothing was biting. Was a real bummer as I dragged stuff across their schools not catching anything.
  9. sa1126


    I'm back. I forgot about this place while it was shut down but noticed it was back. Planning to fish near downtown SA this weekend.
  10. sa1126

    Winter Bass Fishing 12/16/2017

    Anyone catching anything lately? I threw a few casts last weekend but didn't see any action outside of a large slow moving pleco. I might try to get out again this weekend though...