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  1. WD40

    White bass on the Nueces River

    I took a trip with Fishmaster150 and The Huntress last year. Had a great time, caught fifth-something, and we were cleaning fish until well after dark. Haven't heard anything from him or AnytimeOutdoors. Is he still guiding?
  2. WD40

    Canyon whites and striper

    You know, if you keep this up, the fish are going to put in a request that you be banned from the lake. Nice report, Bud.
  3. WD40

    Lunch Break Fishing 2/1/2018

    Nice bass. Congrats.
  4. WD40

    Canyon has been crazy good

    Awesome! Good to see you back here.
  5. WD40

    Winter Bass Fishing 12/16/2017

    Good luck out there. Bring back some heavy photos. :p
  6. WD40


    Congratz @MJ21 ! Make sure you have lots of copies of ALL your medical records. Never know, you might need them years after you retire. Where you going once you're a free man?
  7. WD40


    Well, it's good to see there's a few of us left. Wonder what happened to the rest of the group.
  8. WD40


    Where is everybody?
  9. WD40


    Well folks, I didn't win the lottery, so it looks like I won't be able to buy y'all new boats. Maybe next time. Tight lines, WD40
  10. WD40

    PINS Report

    Nice. And welcome back to the site, Mr. Snob.
  11. WD40

    Fish pics

    Nice mixed bag there, @SChapa .
  12. WD40

    Back Up??

    Welcome back guys! Seems we need to get the word out that the site is back up. Haven't seen a lot of activity here of late. Hope everyone had a great Christmas, and will have an even greater New Year.
  13. WD40

    Getting the word out

    Tried twice to post a notice on the 210 Fishing Facebook page that SAFF was back online, but it seems the admins deleted them. I guess they think SAFF is some kind of "competition" for their site. Maybe it's a money thing. IDK. I left a post for the head admin asking about it a number of days...
  14. WD40

    Winter Bass Fishing 12/16/2017

    Man MJ, you really have it tough. I haven't been fishing since my son was here visiting back in June. I think my fishing muscles have atrophied. Would like to get out for some whites either on the Nueces, Choke Canyon, or Canyon lake. Just have to find a spot where my deep V boat is launchable.
  15. WD40

    Winter Bass Fishing 12/16/2017

    @Robert Medina - Perhaps your fish were too big to be posted. lol
  16. WD40

    We Are Back Online !!

    I posted a notice to the 210 Fishing Facebook page a while back that the SAFF site was back online because I recognized a number of members from here were also over there. Guess I was a little premature, cuz SAFF wasn't quite up and running at the time. Perhaps I'll try it again.
  17. WD40

    Minn Kota AP65 Trolling Motor still needs a new home

    Did I mention it's in excellent condition?
  18. WD40

    We Are Back Online !!

    Hey MJ, How you been? When might you be back in this neck of the woods?
  19. WD40

    Fly fishing anyone?!

    I hear ya, Ed. I have a total of 9 screws holding my feet together (5 in one, 4 in the other), so balance on uneven terrain can be a bit of a challenge at times. Guess I should have stuck with the physical therapy a while longer. Welcome the new, and I'm sure, improved forum. Lots of good...
  20. WD40

    Back Up??