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    Let's hear your fishing goal this year

    Def 2017/2018 was hectic years for me been busy with business running and managing them . But i look forward to fishing more in 2019 for sure along with changing things around SaFF ....including design work some updates on server , add few new more features . As long as we can get some more...
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    Who's Still Around ?

    Yea it's been long time since i got back on site lol feels good to see there are few of us still checking here every now and then appreciate you folks !!
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    New Member

    Right around the time for white bass fishing . Look up Nueces river the run should start shortly have fun fishing and welcome to SAFF.
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    Who's Still Around ?

    Howdy Folks !! Been a while i was gone . Let's see who's still lurking around and checking up on the site ?
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    PINS Report

    Nice mess good to have you back on site brother nice report :)
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    Lake Dunlap and Boerne Lake !! I would target redears some big ones close to launch site in dunlap lake under i35 bridge . Start working those tree corners and walls along downriver . As cold as it gets those guad redears fight as hell and some as big as easy 12-13' .
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    Winter Bass Fishing 12/16/2017

    I will go home and check the settings for pictures upload tonight .
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    We Are Back Online !!

    Howdy everyone , I know it's been long that our site was down . Now that we are back online without loosing any old data i would like to thank each and everyone of you that kept in touch with me during last few months through emails and messages . Would like to let everyone know we are still...
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    Back Up??

    Yess sir !! We are back up and online after months of trying different methods ways to bring site back without loosing any data . It will be a while to be done with everything around here but it's a start .
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    New Saltwater Arsenal :)

    My mom was in town for few weeks and she decided to gift me a combo of my choice so i decided to go with something i always wanted Avet MX raptor and Tackle Industry Rod 9' ratings and other details you should be able to see in the pic itself. Thanks to Alberto @ Hard Life Bait & Tackle ...
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    Braunig Lake Fishing Report 6-5-16

    Hit the lake with @Scotty B and Smith this morning . We launched about 8am and started looking for fish . We marked tons of schools but morning was real slow but after 1pm it was on . All fish were caught downrigging from 10-20ft of water .
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    March Giveaway Winner

    Congrats to @rootpuma for winning Daiwa Millionaire Classic 300 please get in touch with me regarding where/how to pick up your reel . Thank you everyone who participated in this drawing and make sure to participate in our forums , share fishing reports so you can qualify for our next one ...
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    Think i am ready for Saltwater

    Finally got rid of all the old setup and decided to upgrade my arsenal so here it is :p Abu Garcia Ambassadeur 7000c - Upgraded the bearings Abu Garcia Ambassadeur 7000i - Upgraded CT conversion Abu Garcia Ambassadeur Blue Yonder - Mag control Penn Squall 40ld Daiwa Sealine Sl30sh Now i need...
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    Nueces River Friday 1/9/2016

    As planned me and @SChapa Tracker V-16 sc went down to Nueces river yesterday to find some white bass and drop some jugline to see if we could find catfish . We got to ramp at bride 59 around 6:30am and started looking for bluegills for jugs but no luck there so we we decided to start looking...
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    Good ole Medina

    Decided to hit our good ole medina lake with great friends @Scotty B & @Richard Prieto .This trip was exclusive hunt for whites but it turned out to be great day of bass fishing . Almost every single cast all morning we were reeling in bass . Lot of were dinks with few good mixed nice sized but...
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    Public Fishing Access Areas Open Again on the Guadalupe River

    AUSTIN—The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD) has signed temporary leased access agreements with four Guadalupe River property owners to expand public fishing access to the trout fishery downstream of Canyon Lake. Public fishing access will be available at Mountain Breeze Campground...
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    White Bass Fishing

    Last few days seen some nice stringer of white bass from Austin . Anyone here made it down there yet for some white bass ? Looks like they were washed below the dam get em while they are there .Here is address : 79 S Pleasant Valley Rd, Austin, TX 78702.
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    Bass & Bluegills at Medina

    @Scotty B and i decided to head down to medina lake for some bank fishing .We got there pretty early and pretty fished all day long since bass bite was non stop even tho lot of them were pretty small but still awesome fun in Ultra light tackle . Finally got to break in my new 12t Pro Angler...