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    White bass run reports 2019

    Amen......well said!!
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    Deader than a doornail

    Wish I could help!!
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    Anybody out there?

    Yup! Me too!
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    medina river???

    How has the fishing been lately? Or catching I should say?
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    Anybody out there?

    Thank you! I sold my center console fishing boat before moving out here......big I've been fishing from my yak or paddle boat. If you go to the crane mills landing ramp you'll see a long stretch of sunken timber.....just outside of that timber is the main channel. I have caught...
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    Anybody out there?

    I just stumbled upon this site today and have enjoyed reading many of the posts. I look forward to see what this area has to offer, fishing wise that is....I moved here from El Paso about 10 months ago and have been fishing Canyon lake exclusively for no other reason than not knowing anywhere...