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    Randolph AFB rec area

    Used to fish there a lot, haven’t been in a while. Caught mostly bass on finesse worms and crankbaits, but there’s plenty of panfish, crappie, and catfish in there. Not sure if any of the trout they stock on the river go into the lake or not.
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    New to kayaking - access points?

    Hi folks! I’ve been fishing the banks in and around the SA area for years, and just got a kayak (Perception Access 9.5 - just light enough so I can move it solo). Ideally, I would love to use it on Cibolo Creek, but cannot find anywhere to put in that isn’t dry as a bone. Anyone have any...
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    Cibolo Creek Access Points

    Not exactly sure if this is the right spot or not. This is at the end of Zuehl Road (facing Southwest) - but there’s no gate. This photo shows where I am (I’m the blue dot and just beyond where I am, is the creek. I see a couple no trespassing signs and a barbed wire fence, but no gate or...
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    Honey Holes , Ponds & Creeks Lists

    There’s a google map with spots marked for all of TX (but not much in our area) on the Texas Fishing Forum, I started a map for our local stuff - linked in this thread at the end
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    Honey Holes , Ponds & Creeks Lists

    I’ll check to see if there’s a way to make it public without requiring a google email.
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    Honey Holes , Ponds & Creeks Lists

    Hi everyone! Been reading these boards a long time, and decided to try putting together a map with marked locations for public fishing spots (or private where permission is granted). I’ve so far only added a few points - places I’ve personally been or know about. I’ll add the places listed in...