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  1. sophiagrace77

    Fly fishing in a Kayak

    Learning is best think & but how will you learn ? If you have a good person to teach you. You should watch YouTube tutorials.
  2. sophiagrace77

    Salt Water Fishing (what's your catch?)

    Love it.. :) this happiness is pure valuable ;)
  3. sophiagrace77

    Big Tawakoni Blue!

    Hahah well know one carry scale to know the Measurement but yes a FISHER MAN can suppose a right Measurement. Well obviously that will be big as it's 40-50lbs
  4. sophiagrace77

    First trout of the season

    What's name of this Fish ?
  5. sophiagrace77

    Anyone know any good spots for bank fishing in north east SA

    You should go with "Lake KuHlange" because it's perfect for you & will be near to you.
  6. sophiagrace77

    Can you Guess Fish Name

    Meet my friend David's pic from the anabranch a few years ago. Can you guess this fish name ?
  7. sophiagrace77

    Kayaking 4/15/2017

    I'm interested to join but if you are again planing the same on 2018
  8. sophiagrace77

    Lake LBJ 4/8/2017

    Great... this one looks really amazing & I'm Happy to see this amazing report.
  9. sophiagrace77

    Choke Canyon

    But not now available.
  10. sophiagrace77

    Where is the best spot to catch bass?

    Good to hear that you are looking for some good place for Bass Fishing, Well Brackenridge Park, Braunig Lake & Calaveras Lake are best for Bass fishing at San Antonio.
  11. sophiagrace77

    Medina Lake Kayak Bass Fishing

    Nice thread... But I wanna know Medina Lake is best for Kayak Bass Fishing ?
  12. sophiagrace77

    Kid fun fish tournament 2017. Success!!!

    OMG... Congratulations to both of them. It feel really good when kids get achievement in small age. I can understand your this trip will be always special :)
  13. sophiagrace77


    It's really good to know but it was matter of 2017 I just want to know will the same thing will happen in 2018 again ?
  14. sophiagrace77

    Canyon lake fly fishing.

    I think you should move to another lakes, Try fly fishing on Motueka River, Eglinton River & Mataura River - Southland.
  15. sophiagrace77

    Stretched some lines...

    OMG... what amazing Job you Guys have done. Your team is amazing and efforts of this team behind grea fishing is really appreciable. I honestly feel good to see this thread.
  16. sophiagrace77

    Top water trout and reds

    Good one.... :) really love it.
  17. sophiagrace77

    San Antonio Area Bass Fishing

    Yeah I really like your this this first video. You doing good fishing :) Keep it up and keep sharing your more videos.
  18. sophiagrace77

    Pickling Fish

    I think you should shared some pics of Pickling Fish with us.
  19. sophiagrace77

    New to fishing (places to go)

    Brauniq and Calavares lake,, Recommendation is best but as you told. You don't have boat for fish there. So why don't you get hired a boat. You may easily get a rented boat.
  20. sophiagrace77

    How rain affects fishing?

    There is no such a effects of rain on fishing, It all depends on you that are you able to fishing in Rain or not !