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  1. sophiagrace77

    Canyon lake fly fishing.

    I think you should move to another lakes, Try fly fishing on Motueka River, Eglinton River & Mataura River - Southland.
  2. sophiagrace77

    Stretched some lines...

    OMG... what amazing Job you Guys have done. Your team is amazing and efforts of this team behind grea fishing is really appreciable. I honestly feel good to see this thread.
  3. sophiagrace77

    Top water trout and reds

    Good one.... :) really love it.
  4. sophiagrace77

    San Antonio Area Bass Fishing

    Yeah I really like your this this first video. You doing good fishing :) Keep it up and keep sharing your more videos.
  5. sophiagrace77

    Pickling Fish

    I think you should shared some pics of Pickling Fish with us.
  6. sophiagrace77

    New to fishing (places to go)

    Brauniq and Calavares lake,, Recommendation is best but as you told. You don't have boat for fish there. So why don't you get hired a boat. You may easily get a rented boat.
  7. sophiagrace77

    How rain affects fishing?

    There is no such a effects of rain on fishing, It all depends on you that are you able to fishing in Rain or not !
  8. sophiagrace77

    13 Fishing Concept A

    Don't you serial know about it or you are kidding : ) ?
  9. sophiagrace77

    Earl scott pond updates

    Thanks @Lupe Ramos for this nice report but this report was of April 2017, Will there be new report on the same time like April 2018 ?
  10. sophiagrace77

    We Are Back Online !!

    Welcome back, You are back with a good new that you didn't loose your old Data, Data is always important now matter it's old or new.
  11. sophiagrace77

    Braunig Lake Fishing Report 6-5-16

    Ohhh wow that's really amazing Guys. Your Job is great :) This is such a impressive thread. Keep doing great fishing !
  12. sophiagrace77

    crea brothers lake

    I not tried this yet but my wish to try "crea brothers lake" as I hear lot of positive thing about it.
  13. sophiagrace77

    Saturday nights catch

    Amazing Captur... This's called superb fishing in night :)
  14. sophiagrace77

    Baby Snook Pic

    This is good news for the snook population after the cold weather and fish kill as we know. Just tossed the net a few times this morning in the canal behind my house. had this guy in the net on the first throw & found another slightly larger on the third cast. Guess I can now say I’ve caught my...
  15. sophiagrace77

    Lake Basdrop advice from the bank?

    I appreciate your choice that you are going for Bank Fishing at Lake Basdrop which is one of the best option, Well I like Bank Fishing but I don't have much experience for Bank Fishing at Lake Basdrop but yes I can share basic thing with you like Start with the quiet, finesse techniques, Keep...
  16. sophiagrace77

    13 Fishing Concept A

    I had the same fishing rod when I was fishing learner & I did so many fishing with same fishing rod. It had a great experience :)
  17. sophiagrace77

    Bass Bank Fishing

    Good one... You are in SA and there are some good place/lakes ffor Bass Bank Fishing, You can choose Aston Lake, This is good lake for Bass Bank Fishing.
  18. sophiagrace77

    Lunch Break Fishing 2/1/2018

    Great one... I really like this thread :)