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I am working on another page name About us . Here is something what i have come up with little bit feel free to feel in anything if you guys want .

The SAFishingforum.com web site is a one stop information and resource community created by San Antonio Anglers. We're here on a non commercial basis - as a hobby - for the people that are interested in fishing, and working together with their fellow community members and staff we've got an opportunity to gather and share our knowledge with each other .We're here to answer questions, provide information and help Anglers out there who are trying to learn how to catch fish.

Our goal with this site is to help each other build great on-line Community forum. And to achieve that we're building a few resource community where we encourage everybody to contribute to. As many of you know, we are all avid creek and pond anglers since we don't have many trophy lakes. Hopefully this forum can establish a solid community and we welcome each and every visitors . Our community consists of all ages,all skill levels and all types of fishermen .