Anybody fish Lake Whitney?

I will be fishing a TSA striper tournament on Whitney in a couple of weeks on Lake Whitney. I have never fished this lake before and could use some tips. In my opinion this is the #1 striper lake in Texas. I am excited to fish this lake and can't wait. I have been studying lake maps and have a few areas I want to pre-fish Friday. Thats the beauty of striper fishng. Regardless of the lake the tend to relate to the same patterns and migration schedule.
Man what great lake. Just about every team caught soem nice fish. The winning weight was just under 30lbs for 2 fish. There is no doubt in my mind which Texas lake is number one for trophy striper......WHITNEY. I am already making plans for a return trip soon.
There were some places in Lofers bend state park that would allow bank fisherman to catch some stripers. We picked up several not 30-40ft from the shore. Nothing big but solid 20-22" fish.


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State Park waters are good for fishing but during the heat it's same everywhere unless you are fishing during evening time after sun goes down .

Where we were fishing along the bank there the water was like 40ft deep. Friday we caught the majority of our fish after 10:00. On Saturday we didnt catch a fish until 11:00. When you have a full moon a lot of time the fish will feed between 11:00 and 3:00 then turn back on right at dark.


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That looks like a good place i see lot of waters around the Park but it's almost 4 hours drive :) unless you are planning for a camping trips :p
Yeah I wish it were closer because I fell in love with the old gorl this weekend. I have a feeling that if I am going to catch a striper over twenty she is my best bet.