Anyone having any luck at Canyon lake?

I'm planning on going Thursday morning, since the humidity it suppose to be low and the temps somewhat.
I'll post a report after my trip.
We got to Potters Creek Ramp at around 6:30 and we were the first ones there. I had never put in at this ramp, so I had to be cautious because it's a shallow ramp and I don't have a 4x4. We didn't catch anything, but the weather was nice and cool to start off with hardly any wind. I started off throwing top water and my friend was throwing a small Rapala crankbait. I then started throwing a senko. I had a fish swimming off with it once but wasn't able to set the hook. We tried three spots at the upper end of the lake but then left at 10:30 when my motor started acting up. We didn't want to get stranded on Canyon lake in the middle of summer. Looking forward to cooler temps and need to get my motor fixed.

I hope y'all are having better luck.


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I'm going to Canyon lake Saturday morning, I'm new to fishing on that lake so I'll post a feed back on my trip as well. I know tonight its going to rain, which I think it would give the lake a good reset on where the fishes will be.

Lupe Ramos hope all goes well with your engine.


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The results of the trip were below average, at least at the location I was. I managed to fish out a 13'' largemouth.

I'll do better next time


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Jason W - You might try to get ahold of SGO1986. He always seems to be able to find stripers and whites at Canyon.


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The site was down for some time. I think that's why a number of folks left.

Still a few diehards here, and a number of new folks. Hopefully participation will get back to where it was or better.

As for myself and Canyon, I've been there a few times, but don't really know the lake well. I'm more than willing to give a try though, if someone is interested in showing me what they know.