I now have recently "been gifted with" a 17 foot Grumman "tin" canoe & bought both a 12 foot Sears Gamefisher glass boat & a NOS Minn-Kota trolling motor.

Therefore, I'm looking for an excellent used or new deep-cycle battery (at a good price) to run the trolling motor on both small boats.
(The battery rebuilder in Southside SA doesn't rebuild marine batteries.)

yours, tex


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Academy has good prices and good warranty for deep cycles.
There is a refurb place in universal city on pat booker. Can't recall the name il be going there soon for Golfcart deep cycles.


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Acadamy is the best, I had exact sears boat I bought with trailer 200.00 Caught a ton of fish all over n. Texas, the Minn Kota could out run most of the hawgs in Lake Fork. I just picked a cove or creek that has decent fishing near the ramp and fished close enough to the bank to get back to land in the event of bad weather. Always tried to have 2 batt. on board,paddles . p.f.d.s.etc....


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@satx78247 - Are you a member of Costco? They have decent deep cycle batteries there and a return policy that can't be beat. I have 3 of their deep cycle batteries on my boat as well as a standard battery for cranking the outboard.

YEP. Hadn't thought of COSTCO for marine stuff. - My F250 Diesel has a PAIR of COSTCO batteries that I bought in NOV '16

yours, satx
I had exact sears boat I bought with trailer 200.00 Caught a ton of fish all over n. Texas, the Minn Kota could out run most of the hawgs in Lake Fork. .
Kevin Van Allen,

Is yours "nauseating greenish-yellow", too??
(Mine about to be repainted DARK GREEN & w/TAN trim, as mine is "hard to look at". - It is also going to have a new top made for the "ice-box" in the center seat, as the "stock" one is missing.)
BTW, I "lucked out" & found a @ 10-yo "new old stock" Minn-Kota CHEAP too. = Gentleman bought it & never used it even once.

yours, tex


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Mine was white , painted the inside and trim black. Got the Minn Kota at a pawn shop cheap.Woudnt mind having it now, I could and would now still take one, could take it out alone. The boat I have now is almost 20 ft. bassboat, really need another able person to help launch, cover with tarp after etc....Living all over Texas all my life fishing buddies are in anywhere from Dallas area, Houston,Amarillo etc.....a few weekend warriors here. Im off thurs. and fridays if any SAFF members is up to a fishing trip to the area lakes. I know all of them some, some way more than others as I was born/raised here and have lived on and off here since early 80s. Just let me know. Tight lines!
Kevin Van Allen,

The MAJOR reason that I bought the little Gamefisher was that it was CHEAP & I intended to re-sell it at a substantial profit; after getting it home, I decided that I actually NEEDED a small boat for the smaller lakes/creeks.
(Of course, then I was given the 17 foot Grumman Eagle canoe, which will serve essentially the same purpose & has even more interior space for "stuff", so I'm not at all sure what I'll do with 2 similarly-sized boats.- In any case, I now have both.)

yours, satx
I sell deep cycle marine batteries. We use them for solar chemical injection pumps in the oil field but they are deep cycle batteries. I use them on my boat for trolling motor batteries. Shoot me a message if you need some. They are the group 27.

I bought ONE this AM but I'm planning to build a LARGE (2200SF) houseboat, that I plan to have on solar power with diesel back-up. = I may well SOON need a BUNCH of group 27 batteries. - The underside of the king-size bed in the main stateroom will be ALL batteries in one huge bank.
(I'm planning to run everything on the boat on DC, as gasoline/high voltage & H2O don't mix "out on the salt".)

How many $$$ for the batteries?? - My cell # is in your mailbox.

yours, tex
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