Basic Calaveras Bank Depths

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  1. i know this isn't the best images, but it might help somebody so ill just post it up... the first pic is the area north of spider island... the second pic is granny's cove and the third pic is area by jetski launch...hopefully someone can take something from them, if not it was easy to grab the pics LOL



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  2. jbs91010...That's cool. Thanks, that does help.
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    Hello Jeff and all, I bought a Humminbird 500 series hi def combo fishfinder/gps, and ordered the Navionics HotMaps South premium. I should get the maps today. I think the contour lines will help me learn the lake alot faster than sounding the bottom with my downrigger weights, LOL. I'm almost over my 1st trip trauma, and excited about trying again! I'll mount the new Humminbird today and set it up, and practice with the simulator.

    Are the above images taken from your HotMaps? TC, John
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    Another Cal map to add to the list! John

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