Big Bull Bream(Sunfish)

Have not been fishing since relocating from South Carolina, but now it's time to get out and wet a line. I love catching big bream on light tackle and my question is "what body of water can i find big Bull Bream?" I, would love to help the state of Texas with it's uncontrollable population(LOL)
Hey Charleston native. I just moved here from Sumter. I already miss SC fishing. What have you found so far?
First off welcome to San Antonio as you will find out fishing here is different.(LOL) The most targeted species are Bass and Catfish as for me i like Crappie and big Bull Bream on ultra rod and reel with light line. I have resided here for over a year and wet my line for the first time with some co-workers at Braunig Lake. We caught nothing but i was told they catch Spot tail bass and black drum around here in fresh water. As the water warms i will get on the water more but, right now i'm still seeking advice from the fishing die hards that live around here, I see they do quite a bit of bank fishing around here but as you know Texas is known for their many different snake species.(LOL). As i learn more i will be sure to keep a fellow South Carolinian up to date on fishing reports.