Boat Building Workshop 2016


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Dear Members ,

As you know we started Boat Building Workshop for a while now . There have been several interests into learning how to build inexpensive boat for small rivers and creeks in past years specially after result of our First Boat building workshop. So it's about that time of year again we will resume our third workshop .

Demo of the type of boats he build are here :

I will be providing room and some simple tools . Everyone would pay for the supplies to build their own boat estimate of $250.00bucks and we will host class twice every week . So if you are interested to join us and learn this please leave message on this thread or PM me asap .

Where and When will this Program hosted ?
- We will be hosting this at my place and have enough room for everyone.

Last years Boat Building Workshop follow up with work pictures :

Timeline :
Tuesday & Thursday evening- 4PM - 6:30PM .

Here are few result of workshop from last year . This will be our last workshop so please if you are interested get with us on time .

boat2.jpg boat3.jpg boat4.jpg boatbuildingwork.jpg