Boat Building Workshop Program


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Dear Members ,

As you know one of our member Urban Fisher is into Building Boats . There have been several interests into learning how to build inexpensive boat for small rivers and creeks in past years. Finally we have decided to get this idea going and pass on the knowledge and information into others as well .

Demo of the type of boats he build are here :

I will be providing room and some simple tools . Everyone would pay for the supplies to build thier own boat estimate of $150.00bucks and we will host class once every week . So if you are interested to join us and learn this please leave message on this thread or PM me asap .

For the first Program we will be taking 5-6people only .

Where and When will this Program hosted ?
- We will be hosting this at my place and have enough room in backyard for us to setup this class going .


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Thanks for posting this Tuner!

Guys/Gals, this is a great opportunity! I love the hobby of boat building and now would enjoy it even more to see others enjoy it too! As we all know having a boat can get you to more fishing spots than being stuck on the bank. The boat you will build will be very inexpensive, durable, light in weight, safe and an absolute blast to use.

Boat building can seem intimidating but I'll try to prove how simple it really is! If you don't have a garage or work shop, truck to get the wood, tools to build it yet still would love to build and own your own boat...well that is what this class is all about! As a class and team, I think everyone will have a really fun and wonderful learning experience...with a super cool boat to go home with! I am not asking for any money or anything for my time to teach this class, I just want and hope to see if others are interested in learning the wonderful hobby of boat building!
Well If Mr. Stone will give me a ride and all things work out count me in.

Iv been begging Urban to get me into one of his boats for what??? About three years now??? LOL

Just teasing Urban, I do love the idea of doing it all yourself though. Lets make it happen!!!


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With @FIN ADDICT TX jumping in for this deal all 5 spots are closed .

Thanks to everyone who showed interest .

Rest if you want to come out and take a look how it's done feel free to leave me message .
Wow...I just got to work and figured I'd check to see if anyone was interested. And now to find out our first class is already booked!! This is AWESOME!!

I am very happy you guys want to participate. Even though this will be my first class, believe me, you won't regret it! We are trying to keep the class managable and flexible so it won't intrrupt your life too much! :)

Tuner is offering his place as our work shop and I believe he is doing most of the logistics. I have a 9-5 bankers hours type job (Well I guess because I work at a bank!!) So we are looking at probably Thursday evenings from 4:30ish to maybe 6:30ish. I guess the main thing is get with Tuner or PM me your email address and we will work hard to accomodate everyone.

Once again, guys thanks for showing interest! This will take some commitment on your part, but I think the results will be well worth it! :)
I just wanted to post a quick update on this project. After a lot of cutting of wood and way too much beer being drank, we are finally seeing progress! Gary's boat is coming along great and hopefully he'll be painting soon. We knew starting out that not everybody would be able to make each class. And as such, the other's boats need a little catching up. But that's fine. And for the other's that have made it...yet are still behind...refer to the second picture!...LOL!!!

Here is another update photo. Seems we turned Tuner's garage into a boat production facility! I am so happy that we are seeing some real progress now. Everyone involved has been great and looks like we have a very nice fleet of small boats being born! :)

With all this cold weather we have been having to work around the weather... Not being one to wait for fare weather I decided to turn my apartment into a painting booth! image.jpg image.jpg I still need to put on a few more coats on and glue the decks on but the boats are almost ready for the water!