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Well folks it's about the time we start up on this Project . Due to various others reasons we will be holding this Program during weekday - Thursday . Each Class will run 1:30hrs to 2hrs .

We will start this program this week so here's the basic schedule . Everyone should be here by 4:30 . We will get right on work as everyone gets here .

September 12th - 4:30pm -6:30pm
September 19th - 4:30pm -6:30pm
September 26thth - 4:30pm -6:30pm
october 3rd - 4:30pm -6:30pm
october 1oth - 4:30pm -6:30pm

This is the finalized dates and time so far . If anyone has any questions feel free to ask us . As we have mentioned in other thread everyone will provide their own Boat building materials which will cost somewhere between $100 - $150 . We will provide rest tools . We have space to store your materials until your boat is ready .

Venue : 9759 Liberty Green
San Antonio ,Texas 78245

Members who signed up :
@cheeser , @Dave Stone , @1st Class Tackle , @FIN ADDICT TX

Interested members : @gary sadler (Let me know if you want to get into the program )

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Awesome see you guys at the house this week again ! Feel free to bring friends along with you so they can learn few things as well .
Thanks guys for the commitment. Believe me, it will pay off! I really appreciate those that are going to be students for the first class. Those that are interested can always swing by to check out what's going on. Hell, it ain't my house!

But honestly I have a pretty good syllabus for the class to help keep us on schedule. At least I hope! :)

The first class there is no need to bring anything other than a positive attitude. We will go over many little items before we start cutting wood. My goal and job is to keep everyone excited and motivated in the whole project from beginning to end. The boat should live on for many years, but the learning experience will hopefully last a life time! We will start this class with each student showing up to the first class with nothing and after the class, going home with a cool boat. But more importantly with the knowledge that if they need or want another one, they can just built one for themselves!

Gary I'm all for you joining us! Please do!


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It starts tomorrow folks ! Let me know who will be there . Anyone is welcome to Join us and see if you can find any free spot for class or come watch us making it .



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First day of class was great ! Everyone made it there in time and we have bunch of great folks with great interest over this boat . Looks like we will be building 6-7total boats at the end of this class which is 8 weeks as per our Teacher's (Urban Fisher)schedule .

I will post some pictures and class summary later.
Thanks Tuner! Yeah I want to make sure to thank everyone that came out. It was great hanging out with the guys I have met before and it was a pleasure meeting some new ones.

Irishthunder...thanks for manning the grill!

Oscar...thanks for the beer! :) was a true pleasure meeting you.

Alex...thanks for coming out...(to the class, not the closet...LOL). Your going to have to build an extra one for the boy!

Dave...always nice to hang out with you. Thanks for helping Alex get there.

Tuner...Thanks big time for the place and all the other things you provided. Without you and your help, this would never have been taking place.

I was so happy to see everyone was able to make it. We have a few weeks ahead of us before we finish this class and I think we have a great group of guys who will make it a very enjoyable experience.

And one last thing, for those in the class, please remember to review our tool needs and try to bring what you can to our next meeting. Not one person may have all that we need, but if each can bring a tool or will help everyone finish thier boats.


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Urban fisher your passion for these boat builds is unbelievable and I'm excited to build a boat next to you can't wait for the outcome it'll rock,,,,,thanks dude