Bob hall and the packery channel


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So I wanted to do some fishing for my birthday. I want to go to the coast! A buddy of mine said they won't have shrimp and squid what other baits should I use and spots I should hit up?

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There are several bait shops within a couple of miles of those areas. While live bait MAY be difficult to find, someone is bound to at least have dead shrimp or frozen mullet. Failing that, there's always shrimp at HEB. Pick up a pack of Fish Bites while you're there just to be sure.
Personally, I avoid squid.
Once you get to a fishing spot, use 1/4 pieces of shrimp or a little patch of Fish Bites on a small hook and try to catch a few whiting or pin fish.
Use these whole and live, if small enough, or as cut bait to double your chances of catching something.
Good luck out there and keep an eye on the weather!


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They will have shrimp. Whether it's alive or not is the question. But this time of year mullet is the key.

Or just throw artificials. Jig head w/ a soft plastic paddle tail or gulp swimmin' mullet.

Fishbites and shrimp on the bottom in deep channels should yield black drum and reds.

And as far as spots. Anywhere there's water


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Red Dot and Clems are good as well as Indian Point in far as piers. Bob Hall and Horace Caldwell ,later in Port A. they are high from water and for some a little difficult to fish. Live shrimp under a popping cork with a small treble hook under the lights at night or freelined usually gets results. Use lighter line for more hits 10-12 lb. test mono. does the trick. Good Luck my friend.


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If you're wading.

1/8th jig head and a gulp shrimp in new penny or a swimming mullet in chartreuse will catch anything that swims.

This time of year (winter. It's past fall now) fish will be deeper early (3ft and on), then move up shallow (less than 3ft) as the sun warm the water. Usually water that is the perfect depth for wading.

I'll still be throwing a topwater & jig/soft plastic. Like I do all year. But in winter I'll have a slow sinking, suspending twitch bait tied on.

You'll save yourself tons of $$ if you use artificials.

Also 20lbs Fluoro as my leader for everything except for my topwater rod which willl have about 10-6" of 30lbs mono. Everything in ocean has teeth. You'll get your line and heart broken with anything less.