Boss Gobbler in the yeti


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my wait for a boss gobbler with my bow paid off!!! After the bad luck of a no call no show group of clients this past weekend I stayed to hunt myself.
Got me a 50# piggy and a boss gobbler weighed over 30#s and 11 7/8" beard. My new PB turkey. 41 yards ultra rage 2 blade put him down.

I'll be here all week hunting myself. If anyone is interested in a 2 day hunt tommarrow and Wednesday $250 per hunter. ($375 per hunter retail)

Lots of hog activity at nite
Turkey and gobbling steady.
Axis deer and moving late at nite as well.
my next client won't be here till Thursday evening for the weekend.
Shoot me a txt msg asap.

Damn pics won't upload try again later.


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IMG_5688.JPG Not the best pic I have but only one that will upload.
U can see his frayed wings from strutting like a boss...

Its. It easy taking timer selfies with a phone. Lol