Calaveras Lake 6-29


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hit the wall at 6:15am and the the Reds were there. They were chasing bait fish close too the wall.. Threw out a couple tilapia and let them free line in the current and hooked up quick. Tied on a gold spoon and it was on! Caught my limit quick then catch a release for another hour. Headed out too the main lake and began drifting 20-25 water after marking fish in the area. Caught 3 blues in the first pass. It was around 11am and decided to call it a day and get things done at the house! Pretty good day at Calaveras! image.jpg image.jpg


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Nice looking fish you got there. I plan to be out there Wednesday night through Thursday morning if I don't go to Corpus to fish. Definitely will be out there Friday morning.


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Nice fish. My son got the calaveras grand slam today. A nice bluecat a hybrid and some reds. All keepers but we always catch and release. Funny, some guide boats were cheering him on when he had a 35+ redfish on and when he revived and released it they were shocked!


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I get the same looks, I release everything as well. Congrats on the great catch! I've only done that twice so far. I've never actually set out to do it.. But it sure is fun when it happens!