Calaveras Reds 09-08-11


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Well finally got chance to meet up Albert and do some fishing with him out there at Cali :) F1Sh3R joined us out there too and i am telling ya guys i did mastered on Catching Reds lol j/k .

Well it was one of the best night ever one can have out there at cali :) Even my light tackle for bluegill did awesome job pulling out those channels fish and a Red.

We got through a school of Reds then all rods were bam...bam...bam was like magic happened out there for a while . We lost more then 8 Reds which was sad thing but we did landed 2 pretty nice Reds .

Here's one beautiful one by shaun :)




And here's another one i landed around 4:35 this morning :)



IMG_5923.JPG IMG_5926.JPG IMG_5927.JPG IMG_5929.JPG IMG_5931.JPG
nice fish bro... that first one looks like a nice fatty... just the way i like them too :) ... did ya'll weigh her? im guessing close to 20:drinking:


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it wasn't a we lost some fish. it was more like i lost the fish. hahaha It was just one those days that every fish i try to land, got away. lol jsb i did switch out hooks and we didn't wade in. No need to on the spot we were at. I was curse this trip but I'm glad turner and F1Sh3R got to catch some really nice fish.


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Ye need to get out there often Albert we had great time out there . I will be changing my lines on those reels and get 2 more better tackles probably find a used ones lol .


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We did bank fishing :) It's better around weekdays night rather then weekends easier to find good spot and less people around you .


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Awesome guys. Such great catches. I was out at Windcrest and caught a 13" large mouth bass. So far my biggest since starting this hobby a few weeks ago! I can only imagine catching one the size you guys did. A gal can dream.
nice fish guys. I went to calaveras Saturday afternoon and wandered all over the place and there were just rods upon rods lining the bank just couldnt find a spot, left very disappointed. I guess doing an overnighter is the way to go to get a spot. Where along the bank were you fishing? If you stay after they close the gates at 8pm I guess you can't leave until they reopen at 6am? Was hoping to at least practice casting my new 6500c3 there but will probably just head to a park or community lake to practice now.
they close the gate, but you can leave just cant come back in, unless you walk out and walk back in, theres one way road spikes on the exit, the entrance gate is closed


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No you won't find any good spot on weekends .... people are out there from friday morning to reserve the spot . So it's better to fish around weekdays.