Canyon has been crazy good


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Canyon Stripers and Whites have been crazy good this year! Top water action and birds right now! Been putting 20 or so fish on the boat most trips! Find the birds or the splashing and throw the top water and hang on!
Stephen, I'm really interested in trying out Canyon, but I'll be in a kayak, so I'm probably not going to make it all around the lake. Is there a boat ramp you recommend to be closest to the action? I know it moves each day/hour, but maybe a place that just in general is most likely. Also, what lures are you using? Thanks in advance.
Hello, I'm new to SA and was wondering if my 12 ft jon boat will be safe to use on Canyon, speaking about waves and winds. Never been there before. Thanks, nice catch.


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I've fished Canyon only once a couple of years ago. Looks like when I get back in town, I'm gonna have to take the boat out for a spin once I get it up and running


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Canyon has been great for 2 months. All top water action. Fish under birds. Shallow water fish. Low wind days these striper and whites will be everywhere around cranes mill. Just look for the birds or splashes. I throw flukes on a jig head and keep it high in the water column. It’s been great! All the femles I’ve caught were still full of eggs. So I’m thinking this full moon and warm few days might move fish into full spawn mode. Just gotta get out there and check it out.