Canyon is on Fire


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image.jpeg image.png Hit Canyon Lake at 7am.. Found birds working around cranes mill but not really diving on fish. I wasn't even marking fish. Watched them for about 30 min and saw nothing.. I checked another area and didn't mark anything again.. I realized that all the birds were gone and I wasn't marking any fish.. Made a run towards the dam. At about mid lake there were all the birds pounding the water.. It was on. Casting a sassy shad produced a few striper. Then the fish showed up on graph and I dropped spoons and picked up whites and striper.. It was good for about 20-30 min then everything disappeared.. Wind was picking up so I checked the spring by 23. Just in time for another big school to come through and caught bigger whites out of that school for about 15 min.. Most of the schools were short lived. That's typical for a clear sunny day. They are always on the move. But it was a blast while it lasted and before the wind picked up.