Checked Out Calaveras Lake and Braunig Lake (Somewhat Shocked)

When my wife and I first moved to San Antonio, I checked out Calaveras Lake and was shocked by the level of trash strewn around the place, this was back in the Summer of 2016. Gave it another go this Memorial Day weekend and the trash level was far worse than before. It doesn't take an Environmentalist to see this is a huge issue and is certainly harming the fishing at the lakes in the Southeast part of town. I've read posts on this before but never commented and while I could simply comment on those posts, it wouldn't make the point I'm trying to get across. I doubt that the people posting and using this forum are the big offenders in this regard. However, I've never seen such a total disregard for the Environment and an ecosystem (natural or manmade) in my short life thus far.

As irritated as I am paying money to go fish somewhere (when I've purchased a fishing license, at least $16 dollars for two people), it's beginning to make sense now. I would also surmise that the fishing would improve (whether it's good or not now, I've been there twice. I have no idea) if one was able to cast out a line and not snag rubbish in multiple spots across the lake. With these things in mind, I was wondering if anyone knew if any of the following has been organized in recently to do our part as fishermen to help our local lakes? The two lakes are a great resource for families in an urban location to get out and experience nature, I wish the small number of people essentially trashing the lake would realize this. Theoretically, CPS could pull the plug on fishing at the lakes if they deemed the venture, not cost-effect. This gives them a reason to at least continue to raise entrance fees well into the future and is a justifiable reason in my opinion.

-Has a volunteer shore cleaning ever been organized to just go around and pick up trash? I would love to be a part of that and if anyone knows of a group that does this, I would appreciate any information on how to join the effort.
-When is the last time the water quality levels were checked for pollutants? (with all the trash in and around the water, this seems important to me as someone with a degree in Environmental Science).
-Does TPWD help to manage these lakes at all? Or is it mostly done by CPS energy?
-If there isn't something already set up to just go around and clean up trash, would anyone be interested in doing this with me? I know as responsible outdoorsmen, we shouldn't have to clean up after others, however, sometimes it has to be done. I think I'm going to start bringing some trash bags and pick up trash in all the areas I wish, even the ones that don't have a trash can near them (seems to be a good amount, however, a certain percentage are still lazy and don't clean after themselves).

*Not trying to be harsh, just realistic. I know that CPS hires maintenance crews, however, it would take more manpower and money for them to make a dent in the trash I saw, realistically they probably won't spend the money to do that.*


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Both Calaveras and Brauning parks are run by Thousand Trails Management Services. Since they took over from CPS, it seems the quality of the parks have been steadily going downhill. I believe they're just in it for the money and don't really care that much about the facilities. The prices keep going up, but there is not mch to show for where the money is going other than to line the companies pockets.

If you visited the lakes on a super busy three day weekend, you're probably going to see them at their worst. I doubt any maintenance team could keep up with the amount of trash left laying around by slobs. Seems there's a "it's not my place, so why worry about it" attitude abounding. Especially when there is booze involved.

I personally don't shore fish at either lake, but I have used the boat launches, fish cleaning stations, and other facilities often. It has been my experience that the restrooms leave a lot to be desired, and at times the launch area garbage cans were way past overflowing. I can't really see why that is, seeing as how the facilities are located quite close the the main offices. Again, I chalk that up to a lack of caring on management's part.

You have a great idea with the volunteer shore clean up project. I just don't know if there would be enough support found here to get such a thing going. I guess you won't know if you don't try, eh?

Good luck, and I'll be keeping an eye on this post to see what kind of responses you get.
Thanks for the additional information WD40! That is concerning information that the people hired by CPS don't seem to do the job they're hired to do. (Thousand Trails Management Service). Scary that the trash cans pile up and they don't collect it, it doesn't make sense to have them there and then not collect. Your right about this weekend being Memorial Day Weekend, that probably was a part of it. It would be worse on any weekend, I did notice they had two people working in the bait/tackle/fee collection site. They should consider pulling someone out of their to go around and collect garbage, especially during a holiday weekend. I could try to contact CPS/the Trail Management Company and see if they would be willing to let people in to even clean without charging the fee. (which would be stupid). Heck, they could even let people in to help them clean and in return grant a few hours of free fishing. (doubtful they would do that). I will explore some of these ideas and post a reply on the subject. I also replied to your PM, WD40. I think somehow the last one got lost in the interwebs, let me know if you got the reply or not.