Christmas fishing gifts


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So did anyone get any cool fishing gifts? I know CrazyCarlos did with the kayak. I got a few lures as stocking stuffers, a good cap light, new winch and strap for boat trailer which i needed badly. And a pretty cool threading kit for either live bait or soft plastics. I will post pic of it later.
My girl went all out
I got a GoPro with a fishing rod harness for some fishing videos
Fishing rod holders for the garage also fishing back pack and a subscription to bass masters she rocks:) I am a very fortunate
Sounds like you got some cool stuff as well badass buddy happy for ya

Robert Medina

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I got gift cards. Already used the Cabela's card on the way back in. Stopped at the Buda location and got me a Abu Garcia Black Max with a 7' M Daiwa Laguna casting rod, and a small soft bag to put my plastics in because I didn't have any room in my other one anymore. Gonna use that combo as a back up most likely. Still have an Academy and Bass Pro gift card. Most likely gonna buy some lures and fishing line.


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I just received some Bass Pro gift cards. Wife lets me buy fishing gear all thru the year, so Christmas lasts a long time for me!
The wife got me the hookup! New Daiwa Tatula 100hs, oh my god it's like driving a Ferrari. I started out with a Bass Pro brand baitcaster just to make sure I could learn to use one. Moving up to the Daiwa was a very good feeling.