crea brothers lake

So I went out here this morning. There was a whole lot of action going on fish were blowing up everywhere but on my lure. It would be really good with a pair of waders on or in a kayak. For about 20 yards into the water it's only like a foot deep maybe two. I just wonder if you get out there if it gets deeper


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It gets deeper, never dries up.Plastics work good too, even square bill cranks in the deeper water in a boat. The vegatation prohibits using those on the bank,recall catching hawgs on med. size black Hula Poppers back in the day as well. Them gators are thick in there. lol
Just park in the neighbor hood behind the pond and jump the fence and walk on up. No one should tell you anything. There ain't even anybody out there. No I have heard of people that just drive through the gate past the construction guys and go down there
Went out this morning (with waders) and caught about a dozen on a weedless soft plastic swimbait. I wish I had a scale, I'd like to say my best of the morning was a 5lb and a 3lb. Had a blast while I was there, watch out for mud on the southwest corner of the lake. :help:
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LOL, no gators but there was a water moccasin that made its way across while I was there. It was pretty far off so I didn't high-pitch scream in terror, as is my normal reaction.:shok:
Thru the neighborhood. There's a small side street on the left before you get to the end of the cul-de-sac. I parked there and then walked up the trail behind the houses.
Just FYI. Owners don't want people fishing there. I've been asked to leave twice. The first time they were cool about it but the 2nd not so much. Lake has some big bass in it though!