crea brothers lake

U know me I went anyways lol caught 7 from 11:30-2:00
Some dinks
Most descent
Largest was 2.7#
Fished from the bank it was super mossy with lots of mats
All around the whole thing
Made it a lil difficult but still got it done
Wouldn't let me load pics maybe later :(


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Senkos and frog
Moss is really thick from bank too about 30-40ft all the way around the pond
So waders or kayak would def help get to the center to catch those giants in there
Nothin like it,if they blow up on it and miss it, I will toss that Senko in tho hole in the matt right away. If your in a tourney make sure you reel the frog in first as you cant have 2 rods in the water at the same time.