Do I put Weight on a wacky rig?

So wanting to try a wacky rig have the hooks and wacky rig tool need to know if I have to put some weight on my line to get the rig out when casting I am going to use a trokar hook weedless wacky hook


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Depends how fast u want your presentation to fall. And how deep of water u are fishing and how windy it is as well as how much grass is on the bottom.

I like a split shot just above the hook in most cases.


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They do sell weighted wacky hooks. But they are very light.
Wacky rig is considered a finesse technique. I don't use any weight. I use spinning reel with 8 or 10 lbs. fluorocarbon on medium to medium-light rod. And it allows me to cast it pretty far.


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All above is great info., but to share my primary goal is big l.m.b. with wacky rigs. Old weary dominant bass that have seen many lures before. Very very similar to Av78, I use 10 lb. Fluorocarbon P-line, I use beefed up 7 foot All Star Carolina rig spinning,Shimano Stradic reel. Use 2/0 Kahle hook or a 3/0 weedless,no weight. The key to this pattern is the 7" Senko..., I have to order direct from Gary Yamamoto. It casts a mile ! I can whip it to the middle of most ponds and way out to areas in the boat with out spooking those big smart ones. Let it fall vertically on a slack line with an open bail. Look for anything out of the ordinary then set the hook almost all off my BIG hits are on the fall.Colors can vary my box will always have watermelon/ red/flake,black/red flake and my go to pearl/silver flake.You may be surprised of the average size of the bass you catch on the 7" Senko. I have had much success with 7-10 lbers..
ok I am using a bait caster with 30 lb test power pro with a 8 lbs diameter and cant get a wacky rig to cast without a rat nest at the end of my cast any pointers ?
Use spinning tackle. If you don't have any just practice with casting reel. Release spool and tighten brake until bait drops slowly. WR is a great clear water fitness tool.

If you are fed up with practicing unsuccessful look up KVD fitness fishing.