Floating the Trophy Zone

Howdy all,

Fishmaster150 and I have had some great success on the river this winter. After talking yesterday I believe it may just have been one of the best seasons on the fly for both of us.

With that in consideration we will be floating the trophy zone tomorrow leaving at about 7:45am and putting in at 9am at rio raft. We will be floating down to the L&L or Sandy beach not sure yet. The launch told us to just come in and work it out with the shuttle in the AM.

Im really looking forward to hitting all those honey holes I always see those lease fisherman at. It may be a cold wet ride but I cant wait. This is probably going to be the last of the Trout Trips for me this year. I may try to stick one more in but its going to be tough as you will see my focus switch back to Bass, Gar, Catfish and the Frio River. For good measure there will be some coast fishing thrown in too. Expect some sharks, specs, reds and hopefully some flounder. I didnt make my winter flounder run last year as I was far to busy chasing Trout and developing all our Trout tackle.

In the very near future look for our website, our new L.E.D. kayak fishing lights, our new kayak ropes including bow, stern, paddle leash and anchor trollys. All of this will be coming out in the next couple of months. For those into catfishing and shore line fishing. We will also have new rod holders coming out as well as rod pods and as soon as I can get ahold of a lot of white foam Ill be making some great juglines, the juglines always go fast and white foam gets hard to find in the summer. So if your interested contact me soon for more info.

So wish us luck tomorrow and Tight Lines!!!


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Yea. I can't wait. We should post some pics of some trophy trout landed tmaro. I'm in search of trophy trout number 13+ some for this season alone. I won't be sleeping much tnite in anticipation of tmaros trip. May it be a safe trip for the both of us with memories not to be forgotten.
Well, Im a little burnt. a little sore I had to use my first aid kit other then that it was an awesome trip. Had great tacos and good times. We CPR'ed alot of trout and we lost just about as many at the boat. I know for a while I was holding a 3-5 record with the trout winning. Meaning I lost 5 at the boat or while fighting them for the three I got in.

Either way stay tuned for pictures and a full report. Im just to hungry right now so more later. :)
Tight Lines!!!