Fly fishing anyone?!

Anyone else into fly fishing or looking to learn? I would love to talk to other folks getting into fly fishing.

I found that a lot of spots that see heavy pressure actually fish great on the fly. The fish usually have never seen a fly presented to them and it can be a lot of fun.

Hit me up. I'm a teacher so I have all Sumer off!


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Its on my bucket list of things to try, but I've never gotten around to buying a fly rod. One of these days...
I have a nice little set up for fly fishing. I haven't devoted enough to time to fully learn it to be honest. But I'm willing to meet up to learn some more.
I'm not much into letting others borrow gear. Just like to avoid surprises.

I've only been fly fishing for a little over a year. It's been a lot of fun. If anyone wants to get together let me know.
I'm game! I have been know to fling a fly for a few years. This weekend? I like Converse North because it's very open for learning (don't want chit loads of trees around you!) and it has fishable water. We can practice on dry land then try catching a few panfish. The park may be crowded considering the holiday weekend, but I bet we can find room. Just an opening offer to try and make this happen.
I would like to try... I believe Academy has a beginners kit. If anyone is willing to teach me, I'm willing to learn.. I just not sure what kind if "flies" to get.
I'm in the same boat. It's something I have been looking at and would like to give a shot but have no idea where to start and don't really want to buy a cheap start up kit and hate it cause of cheap gear...


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To just learn and get a feel for flinging a fly a cheap set up will work fine. I've been fly fishing for over 26 years and I love the challange. I fish a 3w in most cases now I love the ultralight fight.
Keep the flys simple blue gill usually ain't picky. A small popper is an awesome way to go and bass will eat it too.
Prince nympth and minnow pattern work well too.
It's all about timing in all of it from the cast to the bite to the hook set.
Don't give up it can be fustrating with high winds and hanging the back cast.
Good luck.


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Tried fly fishing a number of years ago. Got pretty proficient at tying overhand knots in the line on my backcast.

Biggest thing I ever "hooked" was the neighbor's cat when practicing in the back yard. I had cut the point off the biggest fly I had, and somehow the stupid cat got the thing stuck between its toes when it pounced on the fly. Hell of a fight, but between the neighbor who had been watching and coaching me and I, we got the cat cornered and it finally shook the fly free. Good thing too, cuz I didn't have a landing net with me. True story.
I love fly fishing but injured my knee and been trying to get back. My trouble is uneven ground and steps. But working out to get back at it. Kind of hard at 74


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I hear ya, Ed.

I have a total of 9 screws holding my feet together (5 in one, 4 in the other), so balance on uneven terrain can be a bit of a challenge at times. Guess I should have stuck with the physical therapy a while longer.

Welcome the new, and I'm sure, improved forum. Lots of good info to be found here, and great folks to get to know.