Freshwater drum

Braunig and Calaveras are your closest lakes. Look up past threads and there are tons of information you can find
Are we talking freshwater drum or red drum stocked in fresh water lakes? I imagine almost every lake has freshwater drum. As far as catching them I'm of no help, I've only ever caught them while bass fishing.
Anyone know where I can get some fresh waster drum and how to catch them
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WHICH "freshwater drum"?? = There are TWO kinds.
1. The "saltwater" kind that are stocked in a FEW lakes
2. The NATIVE "rough fish", that is a cousin of the common carp. = Those grow BIG, they are STRONG & "hard to get in", too.
(I once caught one that was OVER 40 POUNDS on a "bass rod" at Caddo Lake, with a dough-ball for bait & it was like being hooked to a Jeep. Pulled the jonboat all over the lake before I finally got him in the landing net. = 45 minute fight.)

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O.K., not to be a know it all,well maybe a There are drum in Cali,Braunig ,they are red drum or redfish.The true freshwater drum , is known as Gasper goo, or just Goo by many in the south.As jfgloor states, they are common in most N.E. Texas lakes. I have caught them in all the Highland lakes,Stillhouse Hollow. The best I caught them at was Lake Tawokini 15-30 lbs common below the damn in the Sabine River. The Three River area has them,including Choke Canyon Res.. Famous B.A.S.S. touring pro in the 70s.Elroy Krueger guided for them a while in the 80s ,after or when L.M.B. fishing slowed,he used crawfish for bait and did well. The small ones are tasty, the big ones are usually a little tough and have a fatty backstrap to cut off. I have caught them on shrimp,minnows,crawfish, however my biggest 4or 5 where on crappie jigs with ulralight. Go
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For those of us who fish for the somewhat unusual quarry in freshwater, the freshwater drum is the ONLY member of its species.

The world's record is just over 54 pounds, btw, so my about 40-pounder wasn't even close.

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They are just a bonus for a fishfry to me, though they have saved the day a few times though ! A staple dish in Louisiana. Fried up or thrown in some gumbo with some nutria.


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Yep all my experience was while bass or white bass fishing and they hit artificial lures. Craw dads is what I've always heard. And I've caught them on craw cranks and bass jigs. And they hit the white bass jigs when schooling with whites. Lake Mathis had a good amount choke does too.
I've seen a few giants in the guad while bow fishing but they don't like the bright white lights. Great fighter no matter the size. And one ugly looking fish. Lol

Fwiw, I once caught a about 15# drum on a RAPALA "jerk-bait". - When I got him in, my beloved said that, "He looks like a fat man smoking a cigar." - Then she LOL.

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