Hand Crafted Boat


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My fear would be that I started a project like this in my living room and then realize I can't get it out.
Most of the boats were started in my garage except this one . Doesn't take lot of space at all . If you want to come by one of these days and check it out let me know.
Yeah I took all the measurments with my buddy that built a boat in a class that some guys on here did. I made sure I would be able to get in and out of my place, it definitely fits through a door
That is awesome Paul. I love the rails on the decks...that is f-ing cool! That looks like one mean little fishing machine!

Now my question...when you taking it out!! You and Gary now both have one of these boats that you built and I don't think either one of you have actually even been in one yet!!...LOL

Go take that bad boy fishing and then give us a review of what you think of it...oh and we also want pictures of it's maiden voyage!! :)