hidden lake

Went to Earl Scott this morning from about 9-1030, no action. One big bass kept hitting the top of the water but no luck. Tried frogs, turtles, worms, swim baits, and rooster tails, no luck on any of em!
Went to earl Scott about 2 weeks ago, caught one small bass on the 1st cast. Then after a couple hours ended up reeling in 2 decent sized cats back to back. That was all for te day Tho.
@clintbeastwood 4 lbs isn't a bad fish! But I understand that what you are saying is that the good fish are scarce there. I agree, who knows!
Definitely not a bad fish at all. You just have a few people out there that ruined the spot by constantly throwing a cast net. If you can get on lackland, I recommend that you fish leon creek. Really good sized bass and gar if you're into that. I've seen 12+lb cat just relaxing on the bank


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I'm gonna fish Lackland next week when my guy gets out of training. Just a quick drive from my office. Gives me a chance to lean how to bass fish.


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Earl Scott pond is literally off of babcock near bamberger park. It's the park with the playground across from the school. All you do is follow the running trail and make a left where it forks. The pond is about a 1/4 mile walk. A lot of shore area to fish and a lot of big bass and mid level bass. Soft plastics work awesome. You can google map it to find it easier. And it is 100% free
Is this the body of water that the Oxbow trailhead leads to???