hidden lake

Sweet thanks! I just posted a thread about this place...I deer came out and hung out the whole time! I didn't know it was called Earl Scott I always called it oxbow. Thanks!!!!
Yeah that deer is super friendly. It was bugging a couple the other day and ran them off haha.
Definitely not a bad fish at all. You just have a few people out there that ruined the spot by constantly throwing a cast net. If you can get on lackland, I recommend that you fish leon creek. Really good sized bass and gar if you're into that. I've seen 12+lb cat just relaxing on the bank
So where do you go on Lackland I am ret military and love to fish where you go need help please
I'm gonna fish Lackland next week when my guy gets out of training. Just a quick drive from my office. Gives me a chance to lean how to bass fish.
eed directions to go fishing on lackland I am ret military need help love to fish and will catch and release all bass they are a sportsman fish and are not to be kept in my book