Honey Holes , Ponds & Creeks Lists

Nope. Looks like it dried up or came pretty close around the last time Google maps took their picture. You ever fish it?
I used to fish it a bunch...8-10 years ago. It gets full when it rains, but last I went out, 3-4 years ago it had been dried up a few times and fish gone. Could be different now, but I never go out there anymore.
Submit. your best location for these places i will keep on updating first post with all possible locations around San Antonio which will be helpful for our Visitors and friends around San Antonio .


Tom slick Community Park 7400 highway 151 Raymond E Stotzer Jr Fwy San Antonio, TX 78245
Millers Pond 6175 Old Pearsall Rd, San Antonio, TX 78242
Local Pond near IH35 7898 lazy forest, live oak, tx. 78233
Trailer Park Oak Crest Pointe 6435 Crestway Dr. San Antonio TX78239

Creeks :

cibolo creek Crescent Bend Nature Park off of Schaefer road in Schertz .
Cibolo Creek at the Cibolo Nature Center in Boerne.
Honey Holes :
Medina river/stream under I35 and Von Ormy. Nice LM and what looks like Guadalupe bass. My oldest in pic. Gotta walk about a half mile south from bridge along stream and natural dams.


member: 2273"]I haven't been up there for a few weeks. I guess it depends on where on the river you want to fish and what your are fishing for.[/QUOTe

Was there last month and caught a few 3 pounders. My buddy caught a 7lb. 11oz. Hawg.
New to the area and trying to find a spot that is easy to access and free to fish from with no park fee? My father loves fishing but ever since landing in San Antonio around the live oak area we've really not found a place that is free and easy for him to get to.. So any suggestions would help. Thank you..
Thank you I was thinking of trying there just didn't really want to go to live own it really seems like a lot of people and some shady characters. But again thank you we will be sure to check converse.
Hi everyone! Been reading these boards a long time, and decided to try putting together a map with marked locations for public fishing spots (or private where permission is granted).

I’ve so far only added a few points - places I’ve personally been or know about. I’ll add the places listed in this thread if no one has any objections? If you would like to see a spot added, please send me a message through the forum with as much detail as possible so I can find it on the map and mark it.

Right now I’m marking at the best parking spot (if known) as that seems to be the bigger challenge for folks new to some of the areas. Anyhow, this is the first rough draft of this google map I did, if you can’t view it please let me know. I will be improving it on the regular if folks are interested in seeing this maintained for all of us.

SA Local Public Fishing Spots: SA Public Fishing Spots - https://www.google.com/maps/d/viewer?mid=1eEClcbNPFL54F5CDW3Lb82ZaxEV7_P_P&usp=sharing (link to map)

**EDIT** - tried to make the link less bulky as a clickable phrase but when I saved the post it deleted the underlying link, so had to do it the messy way. Sorry about that!