How rain affects fishing?


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Anyone know how this rain will affect fishing at Calavera? My bro is her from out of town and we are going tomorrow morning for some bank fishing. Any info will help.


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BARAMETRIC PRESSURE controls all and usually will fall or rise when weather approaches. Change affects fishing. High pressure is not our friend when it comes to fish. Rain itself of the light drizzly kind can be fantastic in my experience. I don't mess with lighting and thunder it's just not worth it...
I agree that rain itself doesn't affect fishing while it's raining, however, afterwards depending on the type of fish and how they sense and find food can sometimes makes it more difficult to catch sight feeding fish. As far as fish like catfish with the vertical lines and whiskers to help detect and sense prey, it doesn't affect there bite as much. Also, ad others mentioned above high and low pressure systems can affect the bite. At least one said high pressure isn't our friend and he is correct from my experience. A nice little rain can be a goldmine for catching fish though and is a lot of fun! Some of the times I've landed the most fish was during a light rain. Also, sometimes fish will bite under less than ideal conditions. Getting out there and wetting a line is the only way to know for sure IMO.


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I don't think the fish care much if it's raining. They're wet anyway.

I caught a couple of my largest LMBs using topwater lures in a hailstorm once. Small hail, but coming down hard enough to sting when it hit ya.