Hueco Springs Jan 22 & 23'MI.Girl

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So...I'm totally addicted to trout fishing now, I think it's safe to say...

I headed out to Hueco Springs again yesterday (in the pouring rain) for a 20 min fishing break.
It was pretty wet out there. And I caught a bunch of leaves and debris floating in the river. The water was very high and the current was really fast. So much so that the leaves and debris in combination with the fast current, snapped my line.

So I headed out there again today. Much better luck. They stocked today and the fish were biting. 2 guys were leaving that caught their limit as I arrived and about 30 mins after i had been there 3 more guys left with their limits also. I used the orange powerbait trout worms, the dough was used, but they were taking it and not committing to my hook. For the first time ever I actually caught my Limit of a species. So...I'd say it was a good day! Even met some friendly outdoorsman and shared some fishing knowledge!


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Yep. I'd say UR as hooked as those trout on UR stringer. Lol
Pssss. P. S. That high flow moved around a lot of big trout from up stream. Shhhhh Don't tell anyone. . Lol
And the damn corps was letting a lot of water out of canyon Becouse of the rain. My ramp at canyon will never open again at this rate!! The lake needs the damn water !! I wish they understood that.....
Just be careful, read regs. There's a slot limit above the bridge at whitewater. Can't keep any in that slot 12 to 18. Can only keep 1 over 18 and 5 under 12. 5 fish total. 800 yards below the dam to the bridge. Below the bridge your only allowed 1, 18 inches or longer. And all must be on unscented artificial bait in the trophy and slot zone.