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Hello to all fellow San Antonio Anglers!
This is a section of the forum that is dedicated to those of you who own some sort of floatable device, whether it be a kayak, to a yacht. Feel free to post any and all feedback on any marine floatation device you see fit. We look forward to all of your responses and welcome any and all feedback on marine vehicles.
Well right now I am fishing out of a 24ft Century Inshore powered by a 250 Yamaha. It has a 25 gallon Leaning post baitwell as well. Have a T-Top with Marine VHF Radio as well as Sirius Radio. I riggeg this boat as a striper fishing boat with down riggers and all. Her name is RileyTime ... named after my daughter. I tried to post a pic but couldn't get it done. I can email a pic to someone if someone would be kind enough to post it for me.
just joined. im a long time fisherman but have been without a boat for a while but thats changed picked up a brand spanking new boat and already broke it in good heres a pic of it.

I'm very new to boating, I thank all of you for your input.
I recently bought a small 16 ' progator bass boat. I have been learning/reading about it. I have a question. In the back of the boat there are two, what seems like port holes , what are these for? IMG_20150422_112756.jpg


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Those are gas tank vents. Very important to keep free of debri and the hoses are not dry cracked.
Welcome to the wonderful world of boating it will change fishing 10fold for you. Congrats be safe and catch a monster.


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They are fume vents. As the fumes try to expand. Air flow can go thru those holes and flush out the fuel tank area. They also allow heat to disperse when u run with the engine. That's why they face diffrent directions forward and reverse.


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1999 bass tracker 16 V-guide. I found it used and all original. I had the floors and carpet re-done, added 4 Rod holders (8 total now). Added Lowrance 4 HDI. With a 2002 2 stroke 40 Mercury. Nothing fancy by any means. But it's been all over Texas fishing for any species. Runs excellent and floats without any leaks. Plenty of storage with live well. Rod locker holds 6 rods and the deck holds 5 at all times. It's been the true meaning of all purpose fishing. Best investment I've ever made.



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Here is my 2000 22' VIP Baystealth w/175 Yamaha engine. I have a Lowrance Elite-7 HDI fishfinder. Has a leaning post with rocket launchers. Only thing I have to fix is my T-Top canvas. It was old and started to tear so I just took it off so that I can order another one. Rod holders total 15 on the boat. Has a 77 gal tank, so I can go a long ways with it. Drove it approx 70 miles round tip one time and still had half a tank left. I am looking to take it to the oil rigs this summer if the weather permits. Not too far, but far enough to catch some monsters.
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Well, I'm at work, waiting to start some maintenance. I'll play to kill some time. Here are some shots of my girls.

This is Delilah. She's a 1997 Fisher 21DCFX bass boat. This is a photo from the dealer the day I went to pick her up. She's a sweet girl!

This girl right here is Norma Jean. She's a 1993 Cajun 1850 Fishmaster CC. She too, is a real sweetheart. I had to pick her up once I had realized that chasing those green critters just wasn't the thing for me. She looks a little naked in this pic, but I've since rigged her up with an I-Pilot.

Now, here is a pic of both my girls together. I took this pic at a buddy's house because I don't have room at my place to put the girls side by side.

They've been good to me, and they need some attention. I've been mainly fishing out of my buddy's pontoon, since he has his boat all rigged up, but I need to get my girls back in shape.
I thought I would introduce y'all to girls.
Beautiful boats.. I'm in the market for one myself.. Almost got me a 2015 Basstracker at Bass Pro.. Salesman almost got me (Getting weak.. falling prey!) But I decided to look around...