If ya' got em', run em'!


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Don't shy from those bass trackers. The new ones are 10 times better than what mine is. They've come a long way. Just don't settle for the model with the smallest motor. They are all 4 stroke and good on gas, you wanna be able to get the boat on plain and on top of waves. It's not about going fast with a bigger motor, it's about being able to stay safe, add people and get where you need to go. The bigger motors insures that.

@Steven168 i love those rigs! Hope you get them on the water soon!


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I have rented them at lake fork,and had them as loaner boat., while my rig getting repairs,as well as fished the san luis pass bays with my buddy the fish didnt give a damn we killed em.sturdy, dont fade.and lighter better gas for truck and boat.thanks for reading this.


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me all I have is a 10' jon boat, 30 pound thrust minnkota with a class 24 dc battery.
and I'm working on a 3hp two stroke sea king. so one day I might run faster.
my fish finder is out so one day I find a good one cheap.