Introducing Gallery System


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Howdy Folks,

Well the forum has been generating lots of interest and we have been working hard to keep up with the flow of new users and the needs that must be met on the technical and financial side of things. Last few months we have been pretty quiet while working behind the scenes to change things around our site .

To help our community members we are now introducing Gallery System which will allow our members to Host their Fishing , Hunting & Outdoors activity pictures . While creating thread you can easily access your albums and post the pictures you want to include in your fishing report or any other posts .

Gallery Link : Click Here

So what does this Gallery provide you:
  • Create albums with photos
  • Set custom privacy for Albums/Photos wherever who could view/comment on your Albums and Photos. For Albums you could set who can add photos to your albums. You also can set who has permission to download the original photos of the album.
  • Photo tagging with facebook-like styles.
  • User could set default privacy values for new albums and photos.
  • NewsFeed if someone posted new albums/photos/comments or was tagged.
  • Alert system ready.
  • Photo Exif ready. Auto read photo's exif data (if available). Exif data would be shown in photo view with some detail information: Camera model/Location/Focal Length/ISO speed... you could see all important exif data by click on detail information as you could see in Flickr. (This function require exif extension to be enabled).
  • Limitation per usergroup (File size, album count, photo count in a album, new albums/photos/comments would be moderated or not...).
  • BBCode embed your photo/album to comments or to threads.
  • Searchable for albums and phôtos
In photo view, you are able to:
  • Move photo to another albums.
  • Tagging people.
  • Rotate photo.
  • Edit photo privacy.
  • Download photo (full/original) - With permission set by album's owner.
  • Set photo as your avatar.
  • Navigate to next/previous photo by keyboard narrow or click on navigation icon.
  • See a list of photos that currently in this album.
  • Like photo.
  • Report photo
  • Comment
  • Share Photo to social networks (Google+, Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest...) using BBCode, HTML code.
  • Note : We will be closely watching each and every pictures uploaded to our site . Please make sure to read our site rules before sharing anything that is not allowed .