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We have not had any leak issues with it. It has been sitting for a few months so there shouldn't be any new holes in it. We put in a new transom that is extremely sturdy. we use to cruise it with a trolling motor but with the new transom it will hold a 2.5 horse no problem.
I don’t want to be a jerk here, just want to make sure everyone is on the up and up. Mentioning that the boat will take a motor, yet has no title needs to be expanded upon. You cannot use that boat in any Texas public waters with a motor (gas or electric) without it being registered. You have to have a title to get it registered. There are ways to get it titled and registered without having a title…but from what I understand, it’s pretty much impossible.

I don’t want to destroy a sale here, but I do want to make sure any potential buyer understands what they may be getting into. If the buyer does want to use this boat with a motor on public waters…I would strongly recommend you get with TPWD and ask them what it would take to get this boat titled and registered before you buy it.
HM8404 I really don't want to start some kind of pissing match, but trust ain't easy replacing a lost title on a boat! After some major hurricans they changed the laws because people were declaring boats totaled, would get the insurance money and then go resell it! Also lost boats were found and then people would try to title them under thier name, however they were never true owners of the boat.

So for an example...a lost title can only be applied for if you were the one on the title!! So unless you or the buyer's name is on the title, then you can not apply for a lost title. You can do a bonded title...but as I understand that is a huge hassle!! And may cost more than the boat is worth.

Again I don't want to be an ass about this, but I have heard time and time again that if a boat does not have a title and your not the original owner...then don't even think about getting it titled.

To do this sale right, then get a title for it and get it registered. Heck if you can accomplish that, you could ask for twice what you want for that boat. Once you see what it takes, I'm sure you will see that it's close to impossible!

Now again I may be wrong on this and I would love to be proven wrong (because there are a ton of non-titled boats on Craig's List) but if it was easy to title a non-titled boat, I would just buy the non-titled ones dirt cheap, get them titled and sell them for twice what I paid for them! Problem's not that easy!

Here is a video...

A comment from someone that does this a lot...

"I'm boat dealer TX-8640-AA. 1st. It is illegal for a person to sell a boat in the state of Texas without handing over a title as soon as compensation is made for that boat. 2nd If the owner of the boat has never titled the boat, HE, and ONLY he, can legally get the title. (There will be considerable amout of paper work involved) 3rd If the owner lost or misplaced the title, HE, and ONLY he can file for a lost title. 4th If it came from an estate,,,,a death certificate and a probabated will is required. 5th There is no such thing as an abandoned boat om the state of TX. 6th. There is no such thing as a Salvage title. 7th. You better pray that the boat did not have a lien holder on it. (Most banks defunked on sending TPWD a title release form.) 8th I would NOT, pay anything for a boat or a motor until I see and Have a clear title. A title marked as NON-Negotiable has no value other than giving you information as to owned the boat. 9th. The owner must sign,,,,Front and Back of the title and also sign a title transfer form/ All signatures better match or else it's called Fraud. Punishable by 10 years in the fed. pen......... So what we're saying here, is, do not buy a boat/motor without a title, and the title better be clear and free of liens and better be a Negotiable title......other wise as the man said,"No ticket-No laundry"


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I think you take my comment out of context. By no means am I trying to start a pissing match. I accept and appreciate any advice people have to offer me. I just posted the info I used to apply for the lost title for the same boat in the picture. TPW accepted the application and said give them up to a month to get the title in the mail...
We did the same for our boat. Only took 2 week though. For $300 it worth going through the trouble for what looks like a pretty good boat if you don't already have one. Just my opinion. Just don't take it on the water with out the proper paper work
Well I’m glad you’re not upset with me. Heck I’m the one being a jerk and imposing on your “For Sale” ad. As mentioned I did not want to be an ass, but I also just wanted to make sure people are aware of what they may get into when it comes to buying an untitled boat.

I actually got a boat titled many years ago (in fact I got two titled!). I found a small jon boat on the bank of a small creek I fished. You could tell it had been there for some time so I decided to drag it to my truck and take it home. First thing I did was call the cops to tell them I found the boat. They had an officer come to my house, looked at it, took some pictures and wrote down the vin # and such. He told me if no one claimed it in like 90 days it would be mine! Well 90 days later they called me and told me no one claimed it so it was mine! They gave me a form that I took to the local TPWD office and they granted me a title for it under my name! Now that was some 20 years ago and it does not work like that today…that is for sure!!

That is awesome that they accepted your lost title request. I am very interested in how it all works out. Again, I may be wrong, but as I understand anyone can apply for a lost title, but they end up mailing the title to the name and address of the last person listed on the title. Do you know if that is true? Did they say they would mail it to you in your name?