Just got back from Aransas Pass

We were going to try the Fin and Feather but the pier was unstable and didn't have sides on it so we went on over to Caldwell Pier. Didn't really do any good. Fished some during the morning till it got hot. The wife got too much sun and wasn't up to going out that night on the pier. C'est la vie. We will try again in a few weeks.
Well man that's not a great report!? Sorry for the questionable luck. But it's hard to have a bad day at the coast either way. My only ill advised advice...do like I did and get a divorce! I seem to have much more fishing time now!

Just kidding man!! Thanks for the report!


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That Fin and Feather can be good,fished at night is best,under the lights with glo-jigs,live shrimp and sometime when they are chasing small glass minnows tiny mylar silver and blue Mister Twister jigs in tandem on 6 lb. test.