Kayak Launch for Canyon Tailrace


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I'd wanted to try some trout fishing with my kayak on the Canyon Tailrace.

I've never trout fished that area. Would I offend any of the bank trout fishermen if I did this? I don't want to be "that guy"

If it's not an issue, does anyone know where I could launch?


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If you wanna kayak fish you could probably put at trophy zone area rio raft you can probably launch by paying fee . River is big enough to share room for everyone you can get downriver and fish deep holes for big ones . I heard water current is really strong and debris everywhere might take few days before it clears out .
image.jpeg You can launch from any of the 5 red dots on this TPWD map... There's also several places along the river that you can pay (usually about $10per person) to park and launch. The flow has been pretty strong the last couple weeks so you may want to try to bring two vehicles/people so you can park a car downstream instead of having to paddle upstream. The increased flow makes for easy cruising in a yak but can make it more difficult to work lures properly at times. Great time to get out there and catch some bows though! I'll probably go back this evening.