Kid fun fish tournament 2017. Success!!!


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IMG_7624.JPG I couldn't of been prouder of my girls as they took 1st and second place of the 13-16 yr age group this past Sunday at the kid fun fish tourney at camp huaco springs.
This is destinies last year as a youth participant and she went out with a bang and her 3 1st place in this event in 6 years we've fished it. She has 2, 2nd places in the 5 years she's finished. And her lil sister placed second. Her 4th time placing in 6 years with 2 ,3rd and 2 second place in past events.
We had a blast for 3 days catching fish before hand. My favorite trips are always with my kids.
OMG... Congratulations to both of them. It feel really good when kids get achievement in small age. I can understand your this trip will be always special :)