Live oak or converse north tonight?

I wanted to just chill and relax! Hopefully catch something good! Which lake would I be more successful at? And has anyone went to either lakes recently


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I haven't been recently, but I've caught some 3-4 lb cats off the point (right side of dock) at live oak.. with chicken liver..only problem is I caught a few turtles too..
Yes live oak has some good cats in it. My favorite spot is to walk around to the baseball fields and to the little point with the a picnic table there in the trees. Can cast into the main lake or the little pool on the other side of the point, caught a 5 lb cat out of that little pool.


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What's the name of the park?
Live oak city Lake park .....the small pond gets stocked every now and then for kids events and neighbourhood fishing program . The main lake was stocked with some huge channels upto 20lb few years back . If one knows how to fish there you can still catch some good ones.
Anyone know how live oak is doing for the kitties right now? Was thinking of going out there mid morning and try the kiddie pond to get a mess of kitties for a fry or would the big lake be better? Is it even worth the trip?
Looking for a little help. I'd like to take my Grandfather (80+yrs) out to Live Oak for a bit of catfishing Easter morning. Where should we set up that will yield results and be accessible for him?
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