Lost Maples Adventure Jan 17


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Took the family out to Lost Maples to catch some trout. This adventure was somewhat reminiscent of my Tom Slick Park excursion with my daughter. We didn't realize that it was a mile hike in to get to the pond. But we drove out there, so we were already committed. I was pleasantly surprised that my 3.5yo actually hiked the whole way in by herself and kept up like a trooper without any meltdowns. She even crossed the 3 step stone paths across the creek flawlessly.

We landed 3 trout and a catfish. They were biting on pink trout worms and pink trout nuggets. The fish were nibbling or biting and spitting out the bait but not giving us committed bites like the trout at Heuco Springs. So we had several fish on that wriggled off as we reeled. Fun nonetheless though!

My daughter is becoming more accustomed to fishing and can't seem to get enough. She loves to fish (much like her mama)! This time she was eager to hold them and says "I want to eat em!" Makes a mama proud! I love that she is so interested and not afraid to to get involved. I can definitely say that it was a good trip overall! Enjoy the pictures everyone.

Tight lines...fish on!

20150117_114945.jpg Pre-departure family selfie

20150117_153040.jpg She is still smiling after the mile hike to the Lost Maples ponds.

She couldn't wait to hold the fish!
20150117_162757.jpg 20150117_162808.jpg
2015-01-17 21.36.21.jpg My fishing buddy in training...we make a good team!
2015-01-17 21.33.29.jpg
I caught a catfish, Temperance threw it back...
Our stringer...
2015-01-17 21.30.26.jpg
Beautiful view as we left...
2015-01-17 23.30.34.jpg
My daughter was happy, she had a bag of chips and got to ride on my shoulders the whole hike back to the car.


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Looks like great times and priceless memories. I miss my kids bieng that little fishing by my side. Now there only goal is to out fish me and they usually do. She looks like she's getting better out with u on every trip. Keep up the good work there mama. It will pay off in so many more ways than just fishing as she gets older...


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that pic of the river with campsites reminds me of freezing nites by a river with 2 cousins in a station wagon (do they still make those) even the fish felt cold. It's fun times now, but not then, couldn't keep my teeth from chattering they still laugh at me about that. Great pics Mi.girl